Dajczman Leathers

Handmade in France  

Dajczman was founded in the spirit of rock’n’roll and adventure. After twenty years of work in the field of fashion design and music, Regis Dajczman decided to create his own line of leather goods. The fruit of long years of preparation, he had always desired to offer unique hand-made accessories.

For Dajczman, usage defines the object. Following the applications of industrial design, the creator focuses on optimum function coupled with the elegance of design and the excellence of hand finishing. Elegance is paramount to these accessories. Providing accoutrements essential for a wardrobe, a voyage, a day of exploring... these are items that an elegant man carries in his hand, keep in his blazer pocket or in the glove box of a car.

Such design and strength was in meticulously crafted for each item that these accessories by Dajczman are guaranteed for life. The commitment represented by this guarantee represents the philosophy of this luxury brand: the creation of essential but long lasting accessories. These are the elements of a life far removed from quickly outdated anecdotal fashion. In the vortex of consumption, reliability and allure are given preference.