Prescription Lenses


Our expert opticians are able to fit patients with the highest quality prescription lenses available. With our in-house lens edging lab, we will personally cut lenses to fit into the new frames you find at our shop or into your existing frames.

Using the newest advancements in technology, we can measure how your eyeglasses fit to craft customized lenses in your prescription. These lenses are personalized for you offering eyeglasses that feel natural and effortless. By measuring frame dimensions and your natural posture along with standard pupilary measurements, average values normally used for lens prescription surfacing are replaced with your unique data resulting in ultimate clarity and comfort.

Lens Options Include:

·         Digital Single Vision lenses - including Eyezen+ and Essilor Eyecode

·         Progressive Lenses - including Varilux S 4D lenses with Eyecode

·         Crizal anti-reflective, scratch resistant, easy-to-clean coatings 

·         Thin, lightweight lens materials - including polycarbonate, trivex and high-index

·         ANSI impact-resistant safety lenses

·         Transitions adaptive lenses (lens tints automatically when exposed to UV)

·         UV protection

·         Blue light protection

·         Prescription sunglasses - including Xperio UV polarized lenses

·         Prescription tinted, polarized and mirrored lenses


Please note that we are not currently offering eye examinations. In the coming months, we will have a licensed optometrist on staff to provide routine eye exams and prescription testing. We are expanding our services to be more comprehensive in the near future.