Catch The Beast

Lucky us to be in such company of this beautiful artwork by Guillaume Paturel.  A mix of collage, acrylic paint and carving, the texture and color in this piece "Catch The Beast" perfectly complements the modern aesthetic of our shop. Guillaume's physical approach to abstraction-ism aligns the process with the finished work, resulting in a gorgeously calming chaos. 

Stop by to see it in person, or find out more about our friend Guillaume below.

"Frenchman Guillaume Paturel was born in Marseille in 1970. His artistic trajectory escapes all attempt at labeling. Beyond starting his career with the classical use of painting and illustration collage, he also presented furniture and scenographic projects at the 1990 Biennale de Valencia in Spain. Then, at the age 22, the young artist graduated from both the "École des Beaux Arts" in Marseille, France and the  École d'Architecture of Paris la Villette." 

Guillaume-Paturel Online