…and if it were better to forget rather than remember?

meo fusciuni


The newest parfum from meo fusciuni was born from the concept of capturing the scent of oblivion. His self-titled brand was founded in 2014 and has led him across the globe experiencing the world through his nose. The latest scent, L’oblio (meaning 'forgetfulness'), brought him to Cambodia. In a recent interview with Marie Claire’s Marta Cervino, he reflected upon his trip saying, “I spent (long periods of time) on the Mekong watching everything and nothing glide by, I found the true meaning of oblivion.”


The scents of meo fusciuni are intended to be experienced with this mental openness and a sense of nothingness. A blank canvas in which timelessness and nothingness can be capsuled in a moment. The head notes of Helichrysum Italicum (the Italian curry plant) and incense are paired with the heart notes of tea, and underlined with an earthy base note that makes this a journey engaging emotion as well as intellect. Meo states that he wishes people could lose themselves in this fragrance as if they were in a labyrinth with no landmarks.

“…I understood that I didn’t want to recollect, I just wanted to get lost in the oblivion of my research, and be quiet. I found peace and my salvation in oblivion.”

Stop by Atelier Mira and smell for yourself. 100ml bottles of L'oblio parfum are now available in store and online.