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Our store offers more than just optical services: browse our curated selection of hand-crafted accessories including leather goods, and perfume.
This rotating selection of accoutrements looks exceptional through your new pair of spectacles.


Meo Fusciuni Fragrances

Born from the definition of artistic perfume as olfactory memory, Meo Fusciuni blend fragrances that recall moments of life lived, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist. Today Meo Fusciuni is an Italian independent brand, where the planning got boundaries in research of olfactory memory, yesterday nomad traveling, today in poetry, tomorrow mysticism. Meo Fusciuni is odorous liquid and matter that contains it, the poetic language that tells it is contained in a fragrance, a journey that lasts a lifetime.

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Dajczman Leather Goods

Dajczman creates objects of desire for sophisticated men and women, objects designed to provide ease of use for their owners. 

Objects of ingenious creativity, subjected to demanding standards, for which the beauty of handiwork must exist with movement and unpredictability, the DAJCZMAN line of products is forged of contrasts united by design.

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isaac reina

Isaac Reina Leather Goods

Bags and small leather goods. 
All our products are designed and made in Paris. The leathers used come from French tanneries working with respect to traditional leather tanning methods. Our bags and small leather goods are handcrafted carefully in four different workshops all based in Paris and its area.




Memphis Group

The Memphis group's work often incorporated plastic laminate and is characterized by ephemeral design featuring colourful decoration and asymmetrical shapes, sometimes arbitrarily alluding to exotic or earlier styles

Their designs have been described as "bizarre", "misunderstood", "loathed", and "a shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price".

Coming Soon to our online store. Available now at our 224 Grand St. store.