Hardboiled in Brooklyn

 We are so happy to be featured in LYF Magazine's Hardboiled issue with Film Noire theme.  LYF is a magazine released at the annual optical convention in Paris, Silmo. Every year we travel there to see the most interesting new releases in the industry. This magazine is specifically offered to convention-goers, featuring inspired fashion photo-shoots showcasing this years innovative eyewear brands. We are happy to be interviewed in the Containers section highlighting exceptional optical boutiques from about the globe.


"A real coherance between the object and its visual universe is very important... translating as a genuine passion from the people behind the brand."


Read the article in it's entirety below. 



We simply hope that with our visions for a multicultural melting-pot, Atelier Mira will be seen like a experimental lab where avant-garde can flirt with pop culture.