Making the case for custom-fit eyewear

When visiting Atelier Mira, one finds many frame options – from the most daring to the most sophisticated spectacles available. Our stylists help you find the perfect frame to complement your facial features and accentuate your identity. While style is of the essence, we do not forget to focus on perhaps the most important feature of your eyewear: a precision fit.

In general, the bridge of a plastic frame is not adjustable: it simply fits or it does not. The way it fits your nose makes the difference between eyewear that feels natural and secure versus ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

If your bridge is flat or narrow, you are probably accustomed to your frame sliding down, causing frustration and discomfort. Moreover, when the frame does not fit your nose properly, you may notice visual discomfort, unsightly marks on your cheeks, as well as perpetually dirty lenses.


At Atelier Mira, our skilled opticians have the ability to modify your glasses to fit by adding nose pads. With adjustable nose pads, your spectacles can be customized to better fit the contours of your face and nose. This improves vision clarity and also the aesthetic of your glasses and lenses.


Compare the before and after photos below to see an example of the custom work done by the Atelier Mira opticians. What a dramatic difference this makes in the look and comfort of your new eyewear.

This service is available in-house. Call, or come by to find out more about our frame modification services.